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  • St Petersburg Massage
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Massage has always been a very subjective experience. One judges it by feeling, but the reality is that it is very difficult to know what effect that massage will have on your body. What feels good at the moment might not be what is best for you! So how can you judge?  In this difficult economy, it is important that we get the most benefits for our dollar.

Structural Massage is the only massage that will allow you to be able to observe and measure its results! Not to mention, it feels good too!

Feeling attractive is important to men and women. We spend a lot of money on our hair, skin, clothes and nails, sometimes even surgery. What about our posture? Are you seriously content to allow your body to shrink with age? Just why do you think that happens? I can tell you why, but better yet, I can show you what you can do about it. Look in the mirror and be honest. Does your neck jut forward more than it used to? Do your shoulders go up and forward? What about your feet? Try this test: just lay down on your back and relax, now look at your feet. Do they extend outward? If so, you are walking like a duck! It is ok if you are a duck, but since you are reading this I assume you are not. Your feet are causing your whole back stress and pain. Yoga does help, but it does not cleanse the tissue from toxins.

I have been using Structural Massage to treat acute and chronic pain in every type of work environment. I also have used it for relaxation in the spas. I have taught mothers how to massage their infants and worked on countless pregnant woman. It has consistently proven to be effective with every kind of muscular and joint problem.

- Donna Mitchell

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Client Feedback

Donna’s structural massage has produced amazing results for me and I can't thank her enough!
~Judy Antoine

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Donna Mitchell's Massage, LLC.
  • 1600 23rd Avenue North
  • St. Petersburg, FL 33713
  • 727-483-4714
  • 727-800-2917

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